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A representation of status and refinement, fragrance has a tendency to gel into your personality and become a part of your image. Every perfume has a story to tell, and we bring you Orientica perfumes to ensure that every one of these stories is a classic tale of magnetism and grandeur.

Our objective is simple: Conceptualising a fusion of superior ingredients enabling us to create a wide plethora of luxury world fragrances, to be embraced by connoisseurs and new enthusiasts alike.

We epitomise the frantic but delightful obsession of being the first to create original, bold, fresh and long lasting assortments of divine fragrances. Orientica breaks new ground with a range of luxury fragrances, and the stunning design & quality of the packaging. No more holding back the pleasure until you unbox; the experience begins as soon as your eyes meet the product. Talk about love at first sight.

There’s a different perfume for every setting & with the rich aromas of Orientica, your memories will be synonymous with each event, long after the moment has passed.

We create endearing fragrances of every genre, aesthetically designed & packaged in such creative, vibrant & attractive hues that every item is a piece of art.

When words aren’t sufficient and efforts seem in vain, taste triumph with the power to persuade armed with the definitive fragrances of Orientica. Don’t take our word for it though; try it for yourself today!